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No one said running a farm is easy. At times it is darn hard work, but with the right professionals by your side, it becomes much more manageable. As your local Wellsford agricultural contractors, we take care of all those jobs you can’t find the time for or would prefer not to do.

Effluent Spreading

Shit spreading is a job best left to the professionals. As effluent pond servicing and maintenance specialists, we’ll make your muck work for you! Your farm’s effluent is literally a goldmine. Providing nutrient gold to your paddocks, it works to increase the yield of your pasture which in turn is milk in the vat.

We can perform maintenance and servicing work on your effluent pond, plus apply the effluent over your farm in a controlled and accurate manner. With around 590kg of nitrogen being put back into the soil from 100 cows per year, plus providing phosphorus, potassium and sulphur, effluent makes a wonderful cost-effective fertiliser.


Mechanical clearing is the most effective way of managing gorse and scrub, bringing the land back into productivity. With over a decade of experience clearing land, we’re here to help farmers and lifestyle block owners take control of their farm. An environmentally friendly alternative to burning gorse and other scrub, mulching turns waste into valuable nutrients for your farm.

Agricultural Services

From cultivation to erosion hay, fencing to mowing, spraying to mole ploughing, we’ll take care of all your farming jobs. With no job too big or too small, we’ll put our experienced hands and reliable machinery to anything which needs doing. We’re based in Wellsford but will travel around Rodney and North Auckland to assist with your agricultural contracting requirements.

For prompt, efficient and reliable farming services, see us first. Give us a call on

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